Attraction, Attachment and Engagement

Your staff is your greatest resource and one of the biggest investments you will make in your business.

Your business engages the expert skills of Lawyers, Accountants and IT specialists so why not also engage the experts to assist you in recruitment of staff when it is such a big investment in your business?

Because Indigo Medical Consulting Services are experts in Recruitment and HR solutions for the health care industry, our consultants are fully qualified Human Resources Consultants who specialise in Recruitment and have worked within the health care industry in small to large sized organisations.

Did you know that it can cost anywhere between $50-$100K to recruit the wrong staff member (lost time, training, salary and production), let alone damage your business’ image/reputation, culture and staff morale.

Getting the right team member is only the very first step in retention.  The first 3 months (90 days) of a new employee is crucial.  It is important for a proper induction process plus onboarding of the new employee to ensure employee attachment in this crucial 90 day period.

As Indigo Medical Consulting are fully qualified HR specialists and understand the whole recruitment process and methodology (Attraction, Attachment and Engagement), our full recruitment service incorporates and includes an induction training programme, Employee Attachment Survey and ongoing Employee Engagement/Performance Management programme for 12 months, to ensure a successful outcome for both the Employer and Employee.

Thinking it is a Better Option to Recruit Yourself?

In the current market today, you may be inundated with resumes when recruiting for a staff member, but unfortunately this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will find the right candidate immediately. What this means is that more time is required of you to review all applications to ensure that you don’t miss out on an excellent candidate that is perfect for the role/your practice, but may be further down the list. Due to limited time, you may only be able to review a certain amount of applications rather than all applications and based upon that may employ a staff member as they appeared to present nicely rather than being able to complete a full comprehensive interview of skills, knowledge, personality and characteristics.

Our Flexible Recruitment Options

We understand that no two businesses are the same and each business is unique within individual sectors of the healthcare industry, requiring assistance with all of the recruitment process or only require assistance on some parts of the recruitment process. You may never have outsourced your recruitment previously so security of your investment is important or having a choice of payment methods would make it achievable for you to engage the services of a recruitment specialist.

To suit every business’ needs, we offer the following recruitment options:

  • Full Comprehensive Recruitment package – assisting you from developing the Position Description and Job Specification right through to selection of the final candidate and ongoing employee engagement/performance development for 12 months
  • Choice of guarantee periods to give you the security you need for your investment  4 MONTHS, 6 MONTHS & 12 MONTH GUARANTEES
  • Pick and choose the areas that you need assistance in the recruitment process or this may be a more affordable option for you so you can gain access to a recruitment expert ensuring that you source the right candidate the first time. With this option, you ONLY PAY A PER HOUR FEE for the assistance that you require.

For further information or to get in touch with one of our specialists, contact us today.