Medical CEO Recruitment


Indigo Medical Consulting Services is the leading medical CEO recruitment agency in Australia, helping to source high quality candidates and provide them with the proper preparation to meet the needs of a CEO position in the medical industry.

Being a medical CEO in Australia is different to being any other kind of CEO, and it’s also different to being a medical CEO in other countries. The Australian medical industry has a unique culture that CEO candidates will need to integrate with and understand in order to achieve their best performance.

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This is why a specialist medical CEO recruiter like Indigo Medical Consulting Services is essential in referring the best high quality candidates for important jobs that will see these individuals making vital decisions that will affect the future direction of the hospital or clinic they work in.

Every medical CEO in Australia will at some time need to make hard choices, and it’s important to be sure those choices will be made on the right basis. There are so many jobs at stake and the health care of the patients as well, that you really need to be sure that whoever is selected for the CEO position has what it takes.

Indigo Medical Consulting Services Helps Organizations to Source the Best Candidates

We carefully screen all applicants to make sure they have appropriate credentials and experience that fit the role they’re applying for. We then interview them ourselves, just to make doubly sure they’re job ready.

In those cases where we’re not totally satisfied, we don’t necessarily refer the candidates for the position, but we don’t give up on them either. We do everything we can to make sure they have the best opportunity to make a good impression, and we provide all kinds of consulting and coaching services to help them get the opportunity to achieve a CEO position in the medical industry.

This is how Indigo Medical Consulting Services stands apart as a medical CEO recruiter. We strive to achieve the best outcomes for employers and job candidates alike, and to ensure good matches between the jobs and the people who apply for them.

We know that employers don’t just want anybody, they want somebody who will really help to move their business forward. We make sure that’s exactly what we deliver, and that is why we’ve earned a reputation as Australia’s best medical CEO recruitment agency.

Indigo Medical Consulting Services Helps Job Seekers Achieve their Goals

We are active in helping everyone who registers with us in getting matched to an appropriate job that meets their needs and suits their qualifications. When you need extra help, we can provide it. When you’re not sure about something, we can help you make up your mind. We can even provide consultancy services to you after you’ve been hired for the job you were pursuing.

Indigo Medical Consulting Services gets better results because we care about the outcome. Put your trust in us and see how we make a difference.

Indigo Medical Consulting Services is also the best recuritment agency for Medical Recuritment, Dental Recruitment, Health Recruitment, Pharmaceutical CEO Recruitment, Pharmaceutical Recruitment, Practice Manager Recruitment & many other health industry Recruitment in Australia. To register your application with Indigo Medical Consulting Services, please forward your resume through to or telephone 1300 826 136.

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