HR Policy & Procedure Manual

Companies are obligated to protect their employees and themselves against unfair practices and discriminatory conduct. The recent increase in legal action against employers, and the high costs associated with defending such actions, has led more and more businesses to develop their own HR Policies.Over 300 unfair dismissal claims are lodged each week! Each year the ombudsman receives over 28,000 employee related complaints and finds in favour of over 50%. In 2012 they reclaimed a massive amount of $39m from employers. These statistics alone demonstrate that not understanding the new Fair Work laws can put any business at risk…When will your practice be hit?

So how can you protect your practice against this risk?

By ensuring your practice has a comprehensive HR Policy & Procedure Manual based on current Australian Fair Work legislation.

Our HR Policy & Procedure Manual is a comprehensive document containing over 250 pages, which includes HR policies, templates and documents.

Why choose Indigo Medical Consulting’s HR Policy & Procedure Manual?

  • Peace of mind knowing that all policies and procedures are fully compliant with Fair Work Act legislation
  • Over 100+ plus sample templates, including employment contracts, payroll, induction and so much more
  • Can be customised to your specific practice
  • Prepared by a fully qualified HR Consultant in the medical industry
  • Document and version control
  • Policy Acknowledgement (informs your staff of policies-no need for you to monitor) and Compliance Tracking
  • MS Word document
  • Updated when changes take place to Fair Work Act legislation
  • Additional benefits of having your HR Policy & Procedure Manual stored in your own HR portal in the cloud, allowing you to store all HR related information and tap into our Indigo MediHR tools.

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