Medical General Manager


If you want to work in one of Australia’s top hospitals or private medical clinics as a Medical General Manager, Indigo Medical Consulting Services is the best consultancy service to help you achieve your goal.

The obvious truth is that even job opening for a Medical General Manager in Australia is a very competitive placement, and to have a chance of success, you either need to be the best of the best or at least create the impression that you are.

When you are referred to an employer by Indigo Medical Consulting Services, you automatically gain a slight edge over rival applicants who have contacted the employer directly or have been referred by other agencies.

This is because Indigo Medical Consulting Services has earned a strong reputation with medical industry employers in Australia for providing high quality candidates who are well prepared to take on the responsibilities of the job they are applying for.

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Requirements to Get Job as Medical General Manager

A general manager role in the medical industry is a demanding one, requiring a high level of managerial skills as well as a solid understanding of the operational aspects of medical clinics and hospitals.

Many of those employed in a Medical General Manager job have at least some medical training, but this is not a “must have” requirement. What you do need includes:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Analytical and financial management skills
  • Ability to set and analyse KPI targets
  • Awareness of medical industry, including the roles of the different individuals and teams involved in different areas of healthcare within the organization
  • Understanding of the difference between administration and healthcare, and awareness that the objectives of the different departments may not always be in harmony (larger organizations only)
  • Ability to assess any given situation and develop plans to achieve the best outcomes for the organization
  • Hold meetings and receive feedback from department heads to develop a clear picture of the state of the organization (larger organizations only)
  • Ability to delegate responsibility where appropriate
  • Oversee hiring and employment termination (smaller organizations only)
  • Order supplies and maintain inventory (smaller organizations only)

The reason why some of these skills and responsibilities are only necessary in smaller organizations is because larger organizations such as hospitals will normally have departmental managers to handle these tasks. For example a hospital will normally have a Human Resources Manager, a Finance Manager, and so on.

In larger organizations there can be a distinct rift between administration and medical staff. A good General Manager will try to reduce this rift if possible, but the culture in some establishments is deeply ingrained and so this is quite a difficult goal to achieve.

Indigo Medical Consulting Services can help you find a medical GM position, and if necessary also help you prepare and be job-ready for a medical General Manager job. Our strong experience in preparing candidates for the role is a factor you can have confidence in.

Indigo Medical Consulting Services also specialises in recruitment for Dental Assistant Jobs, Medical Receptionist Jobs, Medical Secretarie Jobs, Dental CEO Jobs, Physiotherapy Jobs, Private Medical Jobs & many other health industry jobs in Australia. To register your application with Indigo Medical Consulting Services, please forward your resume through to or telephone 1300 826 136.

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