Indigo MediHR


A Human Resources Management software that is a fully integrated cloud based Human Resources Management System (HRMS)

Indigo MediHR is an Award Winning Software suite of integrated HR management software modules designed to help any practice improve its ability to implement, align and communicate strategies. It is designed to turn any practice into a “high performance” practice.

Benefits of Indigo MediHR:

  • The Fair Work Commission is coming down harder on practices that are not complying with HR regulations. Protect your business from being sued for non-compliance with the Fair Work Act regulations
  • Store and record information relating to each employee protecting your business from unfair dismissal claims
  • A fully systemised HR management software system that integrates a “Best Practice’ HR framework incorporating the Indigo HR Concept Model – Source, Develop, Systems, Quality. The results of having systems and procedures in place:
    • Recruit the right staff for your business by creating detailed Positions Descriptions and interview questions to help you determine exactly the right fit
    • Create induction programmes to create successful onboarding of staff
    • Staff know exactly what is expected of them in their roles so will perform better from the get go
    • it creates an engaged culture where staff feel a part of the business’ goals and objectives
    • Develop your staff through nominated tasks, projects and nominated training
    • Every bit of information relating to your staff is stored in one location so easily accessed by nominated management
    • A business is far more productive, efficient and successful

It is highly adaptable with modules that can be used individually or as a complete integrated HR management suite

Indigo MediHR Modules


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