Dental Assistant Jobs


If you are currently looking for work and you are interested in obtaining a dental assistant position, Indigo Medical Consulting Services has immediate dental assistant openings available right now for appropriately qualified candidates.

What You’ll Need to Get Hired in Dental Assistant Jobs

For most dental assistant jobs, you will need at least a Certificate III in Dental Assisting (or equivalent qualification). For some jobs, especially those involving radiography, you may need higher qualifications, which could include the Certificate IV in Dental Assisting, equivalent qualification, or higher relevant qualification.

If your qualification was earned overseas, we can help you get it appropriately matched to an equivalent Australian qualification, so you can qualify to apply for work as a dental assistant in Australia.

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Additional Requirements for Overseas Applicants

Applicants who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia will need to obtain permission from the Australian government to work in Australia. In general it is strongly advised to apply for a work visa before travelling to Australia.

Work visas for Australia can be obtained from Australian Embassies and some Australian Consulates overseas. A visa fee must be paid in advance, and there is no guarantee that your application for the visa will be approved.

Because dental assistants are not included on the skilled migration list, it means you may have difficulty obtaining a visa to work in this specific profession.

In general there is much greater chance of visa approval and obtaining a job if you elect to work in rural and regional areas that are far from major Australian cities.

Normally only those dental clinics which fail to attract suitably qualified Australian candidates will hire overseas applicants for work as a dental assistant, and the more remote the area you seek work in is, the less likely it is there will be competent, qualified, and unemployed Australian dental assistants in that area to compete against you.

Avoid Confusion Over Job Title

In Australia a dental assistant is not the same occupation as a dental technician or dental specialist. Nor is a dental anaesthetist considered to be a dental assistant. Understanding the difference is important to help you avoid applying for the wrong job, and it also makes a difference if you are an overseas applicant because these other occupations are on the skilled migration list.

How Indigo Medical Consulting Services Can Help

We welcome all applicants and job seekers, even those who do not currently hold the qualifications for the type of work they are seeking to obtain. We can help you find appropriate training, assist you in finding work, and help you have the best chance of success.

Dentistry is a growing profession in Australia, and new dental clinics are opening all the time, so dental assistants are in high demand.

Unfortunately even though most dental clinics do require certifications to be held before they will accept a candidate for employment, there is no official statutory requirement for these certifications to be held in any Australian state or territory, which is why this particular occupation is considered to be “unskilled” and does not qualify for skilled migration despite being a high demand occupation where the chance of obtaining employment without appropriate qualifications is minimal.

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