Practice Management Consulting

Why do some practices prosper while others struggle?

It takes more than just clinical skill to make your healthcare practice successful. Without a business plan and the right systems in place, even the busiest practice can remain unprofitable. Indigo Medical Consulting Services provides you with the best advice to make your practice, and your life, run smoothly.

Our Practice Management Consulting services can help make your practice, and your life, run smoothly.

As a leading Practice Management Consultant in Australia, we can provide you with a complete practice management service or part practice management service on a weekly/monthly or short term basis in the following areas:

  • Staff Management – We can assist with performance management of your team, comprehensive job descriptions with KPIs and ongoing coaching/mentoring to develop your team
  • Financial – Monitor cash flow/expenses, budget preparation, financial reporting, BAS preparation
  • Outsourcing of Payroll & Bookkeeping
  • Establishing a New Practice – We can assist you with project managing the set up of your practice from start to finish or provide you with advice in relation to budgeting for your practice, business plan preparation and implementing systems and procedures
  • Review of Practice Systems & Procedures – Whether it is to assess if current systems and procedures are working efficiently or implementing systems to move your practice forward, our review and assessment process will provide you with a detailed report on outcomes and solutions
  • PURCHASE ONE OF OUR TEMPLATED PRACTICE OPERATIONAL MANUALS Policy & Procedure Manuals are an invaluable tool to your practice. They help you to communicate clearly and effectively to your team the what, why and how to of each process within the practice. This in turn, allows your practice to run like clockwork and provides your team with everything that they need to do their job efficiently and productively, and an understanding of the expectation of the level of performance required for each function. This creates a productive, systemised and happy team environment
  • Improve profitability and productivity in your practice – We look at ways on how to streamline your practice through analysis of your income/expenses, procedures and people within your team. A strategic plan is developed on how to increase profits within the practice and the steps required to be taken to achieve this outcome
  • Marketing – We work with you to develop a marketing plan for your practice and create the image you are wishing to portray in all areas of your practice. We can co-ordinate the implementation of a website or upgrade your website to take your practice to the next level

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Practice Management Consulting

If you are running a small to medium sized medical practice in Australia, you may find it is beyond your needs to maintain a full time practice manager to oversee your business operations.

In this case you may find it more efficient to hire practice management consultants to steer your business onto the right track and keep it there without the on-going salary obligation that comes from having dedicated practice management staff.

Indigo Medical Consulting provides a range of services to meet the needs of medical practices in Australia, including practice management.

Reliable medical practice management consulting

You can depend on Indigo Medical Consulting to provide all your practice management services whenever you need them. We are here for you at all times to provide management consulting.

Most importantly, you only pay for the time we actually spend assisting you, so your management costs still remain as low as possible, while you get all the benefits of having a professional management team.

Experts in practice management consulting

Unlike many other management consultants, our team has actual field experience working in the medical industry, so they have a deeper awareness of the healthcare side of the business compared to the average management consultant.

That is what makes us different. There is nothing average about our practice management consultants.

We know what it takes to make a medical practice achieve maximum possible success, and we help our clients reach their full potential.

Our service includes all aspects of practice management. We can assist you with everything from improved scheduling efficiency to creating more effective marketing campaigns. This is why we are Australia’s most trusted practice management consultants.

Exclusively focused on the medical industry

Our experience is in the medical industry, so it only makes sense for us to provide services exclusively to that industry. In this way we are able to concentrate our efforts to best meet the needs of our clients.

Working with more general business management consultants can introduce distractions and risks that you could do without. Unnecessary problems that can arise when management consultants don’t have sufficient awareness of the unique nature of the healthcare industry and the tremendous responsibility that healthcare providers have to shoulder.

We have the experienced and knowledgeable staff to make a difference in your practice management. With our help, your business can find new strengths, and even experience greater prospects for growth.

The key to good practice management always comes from having a good knowledge of the business and naturally also the individuals who work within it. When practice management is executed in the correct way, it follows that improvements in efficiency and profitability will be the expected outcome for the business.

Give your business the best possible chance of improving and maintaining successful operation by hiring the best experts in practice management consulting.

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