Dental Recruitment


Indigo Medical Consulting Services are Australia’s leading specialists in dental recruitment. In our role as a dental recruiter, we provide services to employers and job seekers, aiming to help each obtain the best outcome.

We have one of the largest databases of dental jobs in Australia. Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards means we list only job openings that are from reputable employers in good standing, and we screen and vet job applicants carefully before recommending them to employers.

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How Our Service Helps Job Seekers to Obtain Employment

You will find Indigo Medical Consulting Services to be different to any other dental recruiter you have worked with in the past. Once you have registered with us, we actively match your skills to appropriate vacancies and notify you of suitable vacancies you can apply for.

We can also provide additional services that can help put you in the best position for getting the job you are seeking. Some of these services include:

  • Résumé or CV assessment, editing, and drafting services
  • Job interview coaching and preparation
  • Assistance with qualifications equivalency assessment
  • Recommending appropriate training courses
  • Matching you with jobs according to your specified criteria
  • Providing an online searchable database of job vacancies

Please contact us to find out about other services we provide.

How Our Service Helps Employers to Find Suitable Job Candidates

We already have a large number of registered job seekers on our list, many of whom can be instantly matched as suitably qualified for your open vacancy. Our dental recruitment service is first rate all the way, and this means you don’t get your time wasted with unsuitable candidate referrals applying for your vacancies.

We make the dental recruiting process simple by:

  • Pre-screening candidates to make sure they are appropriately qualified for the position they are applying to (unless you expressly specify that qualifications are unimportant).
  • Finding applicants genuinely interested in the prospect of working in your area.
  • Helping you keep your recruitment costs down
  • Providing faster turn around on most recruitment campaigns

These are all things you should expect from a dental jobs recruiter, but which rarely can be found as a complete combination. Indigo Medical Consulting Services is different because we take every care, treating the recruitment process as seriously as if we were hiring somebody to work for us.

Why Indigo Medical Consulting Services is the Right Choice for Dental Recruitment

Indigo Medical Consulting Services has been in business for many years and has been providing excellent service to the Australian medical industry for longer than many of our competitors. We always make providing quality and value the core of our efforts, and we do our best to create positive outcomes for job seekers and employers alike.

Indigo Medical Consulting Services is also the best recuritment agency for Medical Recuritment, Health Recruitment, Medical CEO Recruitment, Pharmaceutical CEO Recruitment, Pharmaceutical Recruitment, Practice Manager Recruitment & many other health industry Recruitment in Australia. To register your application with Indigo Medical Consulting Services, please forward your resume through to or telephone 1300 826 136.

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