Full Comprehensive Recruitment Service

Full Comprehensive Recruitment Service

Creating Business Profile

This is the very important first stage as we gain an understanding of your business structure (people, systems, processes and procedures), mission/vision and goals and objectives.

To effectively find the right people, we have to know your business, the interactions and interrelations of processes and people. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your management team and work closely with you to source the right candidate.

This first stage consists of the following:-

  • Meet with you at your business to discuss your requirements
  • Business Profile. We gather the following information:-
    • Background, systems, processes and procedures
    • Profile of your people
    • Business Support needs
  • Gain an understanding of the role and compile a Position Description
  • Position Criteria (Job Analysis)

Set the criteria of the role to ensure the core competencies of the role will be met and the personality style compliments the culture of the practice

Interviewing and Analysing

We have found Seek internet employment site to be the most effective advertising means in sourcing quality staff. We also search through our extensive database of candidate.  However, we also advertise on Career One employment site and other industry related sites. The advertisement of the position is also placed on the Indigo Medical Consulting Services’ website.

The job advertisement is very important as it markets your business and describes the role in detail. A job advertisement’s aim is to attract the attention of the candidate and elicit desire in them to apply for your position over another position, which may only have given a brief description of the role and no real understanding of the business or role.

We produce an advertisement that is detailed, eye catching (attention, interest and desire to apply) and specifically attracts the target market. We forward the draft advertisement through to you for review before placing on the employment sites.

Our interview process is the opportunity for us to thoroughly get to know the candidate on all levels and analyse their suitability based upon the Business Profile. Our interview questions are designed to give us a deeper understanding of the candidate’s work history, career aspirations, experience, skills, strengths and weaknesses. We utilise behavioural questioning in line with the competencies required for the position.

Assessment of Skills

It is important to verify a candidate’s skills and personality to ensure they meet the core competencies of the role and suitability to the business environment and culture. We have a series of assessments that we are able to conduct on candidates, dependant on the role and skill competencies required.

We conduct assessments on Typing, Microsoft Office skills, Spelling & Grammar.

We also utilise the DISC profiling system, which is an excellent assessment as it assists in understanding how a person communicates in the workplace and effective methods of managing this person.

Reference Verification

We provide you with a detailed and quality workplace reference relating to the candidate’s past work history, duties, experience and performance. The candidate’s referee is also given a detailed description of the role they have applied for and the duties and responsibilities contained within the role. This is to ensure the accuracy and quality of the reference, with specific relevance to the role.

Performance Management Review, Planning & Development

Once the new employee commences in the role, it is important to monitor and evaluate their performance on an ongoing basis, to provide quality feedback and to continue to develop their skills and knowledge within the role. This is valuable to you as an employer as it creates a motivated and enthusiastic employee and enables you to establish effective goals and objectives within the role, which will contribute and lead to the overall success of the business.

We provide a performance management review, planning and development programme for the new employee during the first 12 months of their employment. Our programme is structured as follows:

Management Review Planning & Development
1 Month Review and evaluation with employee and direct supervisor by telephone
2 Months Review and evaluation with employee and direct supervisor by telephone
3 Months Performance Management Review & Development Meeting to review performance and to establish goals for the next three month period
6 Months Review of Performance Development Plan and goals
9 Months Review of Performance Development Plan and goals
12 Months Review of Performance Development Plan and work in conjunction with direct supervisor in line with yearly 12 month Performance Review