Benefits of Conducting a Practice Review & Audit:
  • Provides a blueprint on the status of your practice and valuable information on what is an effective business model in private practice
  • Provides insight into the areas that require immediate improvement and a detailed action plan with solutions on how to improve these areas
  • Reviews systems, processes and procedures to improve efficiencies and productivity
  • You may want to review leadership in your practice or staff performance
  • Ensure your practice is protected legally
  • Develop business plans and strategies to grow your practice and increase profits
Practice Review & Audit includes:
  • Initial consultation with you to gather background information on your practice and to pinpoint the objective of the Practice Review & Audit
  • A Medical Business Consultant spends a full day in the practice reviewing documentation and analysing each business area:
  • A formal written business report (consisting of 20-30 pages) is prepared and provided to you via email and hard copy.
Practice Review & Audit Fee

Our Practice Review & Audit is not a glossy, fancy report, which will sit on the shelf once completed.

It is a tool that will provide you with valuable insight and direction on how to improve areas within your practice, assist in planning for future growth and development and provide you with solutions that WILL contribute to the success of your practice.

The fee is $2,495 plus GST, which includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • A Medical Business Consultant will spend one full day in your practice
  • A detailed formal written report outlining strengths, weaknesses, recommendations and solutions.
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