How Healthy Is Your Practice? Five Minute Practice Analysis Questionnaire Reveals All
How Healthy Is Your Practice? Five Minute Practice Analysis Questionnaire Reveals All
Byadmin Oct 11, 2017

How healthy is my practice is probably a question that you don’t ask very often, but you should if you want a profitable and successful practice.

Conducting regular audits and reviews on your practice provides you with important information to know what is working (strengths), what is not working (weaknesses) and provides you with the opportunity to develop an action plan to avoid any escalation of obstacles/challenges within the practice and create a continuous improvement plan to improve every area of the practice.

This is done by looking at each of the business areas within the practice and asking relevant questions.

Our 5 Minute Practice Analysis Questionnaire asks the right questions to help you determine what improvements you need to make within your practice.

Take a few minutes to focus on your current practice set up and management then respond to the questions below.

I’ll give you a hint. The more times you answer yes, the healthier your practice.

Financial & Business Management

Yes No
Do you have a Business Plan?    
Do you have a budget?    
Do you have strong leadership?    
Do you have non-financial and financial KPIs?    
Do you have measurement tools in place to evaluate the success and profitability of your practice on an ongoing basis?    
Does your practice have outstanding debt?    

Human Resource Management

Yes No
Do you feel you have the right staff for your practice?    
Are your staff performing adequately within their roles in the practice?    
Do you have detailed Job Descriptions for each role?    
Do staff members understand the roles and responsibilities of other staff members within the practice?    
Do you have an induction process?    
Do you conduct regular performance reviews?    
Do your staff require further training to perform more efficiently and productively within their role?    
Do you have documented Human Resources policies?    
Do you have a Human Resources Management system in place?    
Do you know how to retain your staff and maintain a happy work environment?    

Operational Systems

Yes No
Do you have structured systems, processes and procedures in place?    
Are these systems, processes and procedures working efficiently and effectively?    
Are staff trained adequately in the systems, processes and procedures within the practice?    
Do you have documented structured systems, processes and procedures in place?    


Yes No
Do you have marketing strategies in place to develop and grow the practice?    
Do you have a mission/vision statement for the practice?    
Do you have a website that is easy to navigate, provides educational information to patients and optimized for patient lead generation?    
Do you actively promote the practice through digital marketing?    
Are your staff providing a high level of customer service?    
Are your staff portraying the image/professionalism of the practice?    
Do your staff know how to resolve complaints from patients?    

What did the Practice Analysis Questionnaire reveal for you? If you answered YES to a lot of the questions, there are weaknesses in your practice that need to be resolved.

Need help in resolving some of these issues within your practice? We can help you.


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