A Suite of Programs and Products to help in every area of your practice

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Our Suite of Programs


Business Coaching for Practice Owner

Business Advisory mentoring & coaching to develop practice strategy execution, a clear direction, accountability, increase in profits, automation of business systems and creating a high performance culture within the practice.


Your Business Success Group Workshops

A powerful 12 month business management program for Practice Managers & Principal Owners. Hands on, practical management program that you can immediately implement into the practice each month.


Practice Manager Leadership Program

This is the real deal practical hands on business management leadership program for Practice Managers that want to develop business acumen in understanding strategy execution and practical implementation within a practice.


HR PROgram

Never has there been a HR program that provides the coaching and mentoring as well as a HR software system included. Best HR practices will be implemented into the practice as we work on the fundamentals of HR. Award winning HR Management System is utilized during the program.



Coaching program that works with you in implementing proven worldwide systems that will improve your practice systems. As a result of this program, you will improve productivity and quality, increase patient satisfaction and reduce risk of legal liability.



This program will improve people performance by improving staff motivation, morale and performance. It will help you implement KPI targets so there is staff accountability as well as establish a performance management program to obtain engagement from your staff.



Increase the value of your practice. A Business Advisor will work with you to develop and implement a plan to sell your practice for more money. Typically we work with a practice 1-3 years prior before selling the practice.


Love My Brand

Understand your brand so that your staff will present you in the best professional image. This program works at the practice level and then individually with staff to determine their communication, values and emotional intelligence to work together as a team and understand their own personal brand to compliment the practice.


Customised Workshops

We can customise workshops/training to your practice’s individual needs. Customer Service, Marketing & Social Media, DIY Recruitment, Improving skills etc. Let us know what your challenge is and we can find solutions for you.